“Discover Windows Phone” development series for Absolute Beginners

Welcome to my new series of developing on Windows Phone 8.

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According to the title of this series, this training is for “absolute beginners”, and while that is definitely true I will begin with the very basics of building phone apps.

This will be a journey through tons of different topics of which will lead you to gain a lot knowledge and help you start developing on Windows Phone Platform. This series will assume that you’re somewhat knowledgeable about C# programming language. If you are a beginner programmer, or you just need a quick refreshment, I recommend you check my colleague’s, Sherif El Mahdi, posts. All of the coming posts will assume some basic knowledge about C#.

Also, If you haven’t had a chance to read my previous posts about Windows Phone Design Principles and Process, check out:
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First thing to start with here is getting all of the tools installed. All what we will need is Visual Studio 2013, by then you’ll also get Blend along with it. So you could download it from here.

If you’re a student contact me and i’ll help you download the products for free.

This series should cover these certain topics:

01. Project Template
02. Page Navigation
03. Parameter Passing
04. The back button
05. Application Bar
06. Orientation
07. The Theme
08. Launchers
09. Choosers
10. Supporting Multiple Resolutions
11. Windows Phone Toolkit
12. Files and Storage
13. Application Life Cycle
And a lot more..

Why is this series different?

“Discover Windows Phone” Series is different that other series as it is composed of very short posts that makes you reach your goal easily. It would also contain a power-point presentation that should be helpful for reference purposes that you don’t have to go back through the whole post again just to recall some idea or technique that i demonstrated.

That’s all for now. Wait for the short series posts to learn easily how to develop on Windows Phone from scratch 🙂
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Your feedback is highly appreciated 🙂