Windows Phone App Design Principles

As a developer, I was always considered with the logic behind the app more and less with the design. In order to build a successive application across the Windows Phone platform we should consider both sides. Designing an application have a set of principles that we, as developers, would follow to conduct the user experience.

Now to start with the first Principle; Pride in craftsmanship. Because always small things matter, we should take care of the details that are always visible and the user will see a lot. When it comes to designing the application ensure balance and symmetry. In addition, Align to the grid as it is the glue that gives your content the cohesion it needs and find the typography that best echoes the app’s significance.

More with less is the second principle. Even though screens got larger, reducing unnecessary content from the screen and focusing on the fundamental objective and most relevant elements leaves us with a clean application. “Content before chrome” is the statement we should always follow. The application should display what the user is looking for not all menu bars and tabs.

The third one is making the app fast and fluid. Touch screens left us with tons of ideas to create a responsive and delightful interface. Let’s create the application with a fast response as the reflex action. Especially Windows Phone, having live tiles as a feature brings the app to a real life experience but then you have to make it easy and simple for the interaction though.


Being authentically digital is going away from the static world and going to the digital world. In other words, create your application to work in a dynamic colorful way. Choose typography that matches the content of the app. Make use of the cloud.

Finally, the Win as one principle. After considering all the attributes mentioned above, don’t forget it’s a phone application that for instance need to fit in a specified measurements screen. Reflect innovation in parallel with the user experience.

This was briefly about the Windows Phone App design principles 😀

For any feedback or questions, you’re more than welcome to send me an email at or reach me @yasabdelhady on twitter.


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